Factors to Guide the Purchase of Your Farm's First Tractor

If you have recently ventured into farming, one of the first pieces of equipment that you need to purchase is a tractor. These pieces of machinery come in a vast range of options so you may be confused as to what will be best suited to your individual farming needs if you are new to the industry. And while you may be tempted to let your budget decide for you, this is not the right approach to take if you are intent of buying a reliable tractor that will serve you for years to come. Fortunately, a few considerations can help you in making an informed decision when perusing different tractors for sale. Here are the guiding factors you should know when in the market for your farm's first tractor.

The capacity of the tractor's engine

The type of engine capacity you will need will depend on the type of farm work that you need the tractor for. This capacity is measured in horsepower, therefore, the more labour intensive the work, the higher the horsepower you will need. If you have a farm with extensive acreage and need the tractor for the entire farm, then you will need to purchase a tractor with the horsepower to withstand long work hours as well as hefty loads.

The transmission system of the tractor

You may be surprised to learn that the transmission in the tractor influences the value of the equipment. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the most expensive transmission system will be right for you. The standard transmission systems and the hydrostatic variety are typically fitted into tractors used for small-scale farm work. Therefore, if your new venture is on a small scale then you will be fine with tractors with these transmission systems and lower horsepower. On the other hand, if you need a tractor for heavy-duty farm work, then look for a hydraulic transmission system, which is designed for the high-engine capacity tractors.

The add-ons you will need

Different farms will have different needs for a tractor. Therefore, before you make your final decision, you need to factor in your primary and secondary uses of the tractor so that you can establish the various hitches you will need for enhanced efficiency. Attachments such as backhoes and front loaders are some of the most popular add-ons that farmers look for since they transform the tractor into a multipurpose piece of machinery, which, in turn, enables you to get work done faster on your farm.