Five Signs You Need to Have Your Well Water Tested for Toxins

If you have well water on your land, the water may occasionally absorb chemicals or toxins from the nearby area. Unfortunately, depending on which elements or compounds are passing through your pipes, your plumbing may be damaged, or you or your family may get very ill. Luckily, there is water testing to help you avoid unnecessary injury to yourself, your family or your property.

Wondering if you need to have your water tested? Here are five signs you do:

1. Repeated illnesses in your family

If your family seems to be continuously ill, the issue may be in your water. In particular, if you have been suffering from gastro-intestinal issues, even including mild cases of diarrhea, there could be bacteria in your water.

2. Nearby industrial facilities

Simply because you feel okay doesn't mean that your water is necessarily safe. Some illnesses or effects can hide in the body for years. For example, exposure to lead is linked to learning disabilities, anger and other cognitive issues in children, but if your child is drinking lead from your water supply every day, those symptoms may show up slowly.

To be on the safe side, if you live near a mine, a gas drilling facility, an oil pump or a landfill, you should have your water tested to ensure it is not absorbing anything toxic from any of these sites.

3. High radon levels

In addition to assessing industrial facilities and landfills near your area, consider the presence of radon. This naturally occurring radioactive element can give you cancers, and you certainly don't want it in your water.

The Australian government has maps showing the radon levels in various areas, and you should consult those maps. However, keep in mind that the geology in your immediate area, as well as how your well is dug, can also impact your water's radon levels.

4. Odd tasting water

In some cases, you can taste that your water has issues. If it tastes or smells like sulfur, it may have hydrogen sulfide in it, or parts of your pipes may be corroding. Salt is another sign that your water may be in danger, as it can herald the presence of chloride in your water supply.

5. Corroded pipes

In some cases, the only sign of a water issue is the effect it is having on your pipes. If the pipes in your home seem to be corroding, the chemicals or elements in your water may be wreaking havoc on them. If these unknown elements are breaking down metal pipes, just imagine what they could be doing to the inside of your body.

For more tips and clues on whether or not you need to have your well water tested, contact a water testing specialist from a company like Agrifood Technology