Rainwater Pump Options for Residential Tanks

Rainwater tanks are valuable in residential buildings and small agricultural operations. These assets will provide you with fresh and safe water for irrigation and general household chores. This will contribute to lower cumulative water expenses and to a healthier environment. If you want to purchase and install a rainwater harvesting system, you will need to prepare for the distribution. You will need a water pump to push the water from storage and to the plumbing system in your property. There are diverse rainwater pumps, so you should be cautious to avoid substandard devices. Here are the main types of modern rainwater water tank pumps to consider installing in your home.

Constant Pressure Pumps

A constant pressure rainwater pump is designed to provide water depending on the immediate requirements in the building. Basically, this pump is able to detect changes in pressure when an outlet is switched on and off. For instance, when a faucet is opened, the system will recognise low pressure in the area. The pump will switch on to provide water to the tap. When the tap is switched off, the pump will recognise the restoration of the initial pressure and turn off. The constant pressure pump is advantageous because it will not use energy when it is not in operation.

Pressure Vessel Pumps

The pressure vessel system also relies on pressure but it works in a different way compared to the constant pressure alternative. This pump has a spherical vessel positioned on top to hold the rainwater under pressure. When a tap is opened, the vessel releases water to allow a continuous and steady flow. The pump will recognise the lower pressure within the vessel as the water runs out and switch on. When the outlet is turned off, the pump will keep operating until the pressure vessel is filled again. This system is beneficial because it does not have numerous operational cycles. In simple terms, the pump does not need to switch on and off repeatedly like the constant pressure pump. This means that the pumping device will be more durable and it is less susceptible to accelerated wear of the components.

Control Switch Pumps

The control switch pump is similar to the constant pressure system. However, it is equipped with a control switch device which enhances function and expediency. Basically, the pump will provide water when an outlet is turned on and switch off when the outlet is off. When the rainwater runs out, the switch will detect the difference and change to the main supply.